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Under Construction

  This site is in the process of getting a much needed overhaul and resuscitation! Check back in a few days and it should be up and running well. Right now it has some areas with issues – for instance the sound files do not work in the voice talent section, the post carousel at the top of the site …

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Evernote: Developing a Tagging Strategy

THIS IS A TEST POST. I actually have an article written on this subject and will be posting it soon. Right now I am just testing some formatting. Do some Thinking behind the Tags: Setting up a Tagging Strategy: There are many ways to go about this and what works for one person will be different for another person.  But …

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Organizing the Overwhelmed Brain

This is series that I am going to be writing on – You guessed it! – Organizing the Overwhelmed Brain. Again, this is a test post because I want to see what the orangecolor looks like.

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Day 10: NaBloPoMo Check In / Check Out

Today is Day 10 of NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month). Eden Kennedy launched NaBloPoMo in 2006.  It has grown to include almost 2000 bloggers, and it’s now officially under the auspices of BlogHer ( which is why – if you came to this site through BlogHer – you see a BlogHer frame around my site. Actually, to be exact, there are …

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Sand Shrooms

One of the things that tickled me about the place were all the mushrooms; many of which were popping out of pure sand.

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Owly Owly In Free?

… have mastered the art of disguise of three different types: they either use color, marking or posture camouflage …


Just as a good pot of coffee has to percolate, so must good ideas develop gradually and be diffused through the quotidian clutter of our minds. I suppose you could summarize the following posts as my “percolations”.  It is an ongoing stream of my various projects, interests, discoveries, and so on.