Evernote: Developing a Tagging Strategy


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Do some Thinking behind the Tags: Setting up a Tagging Strategy: There are many ways to go about this and what works for one person will be different for another person. But putting a little bit of thinking behind your Tags, developing a rough Tagging Strategy can have big payoffs down the road.
However, do not hold off using Evernote until you have a Tagging Strategy in place! Using Evernote is what will help you figure out your personal needs.

My personal favorite tool for developing a Tagging Strategy is a big Whiteboard and using mind mapping to draw out what relates to what. Since I use Evernote for storing everything in my life that can be digital, I try to draw out all the areas of my life. Then look at what I have on the board and decide what Tags will help me find and group the information I am storing.