Owly Owly In Free?

As you know if you have poked around on my website, especially my voice talent website: VividlyClear.com, I love owls.  So when I saw these owls I wanted to share a few of them here.

These images are from Bored Panda – 20 Amazing Examples of Owl Camouflage.  Please follow the link to see all twelve.  Bored Panda says this about the owls:

Feathered animals have mastered the art of disguise of three different types: they either use color, marking or posture camouflage. A snowy owl, for example, can hardly be seen in winter; some birds pick the trees with a bark that resembles their feather patterns; and some even position themselves in a certain way to blend in the surroundings.

Bored Panda is wonderful!  If you are not already subscribed, I encourage you too.  It is the one “eye-candy” email I allow myself to receive each day.

Image credits: pathatch.com

Image credits: Vladimir Popov / Uhaiun

Image credits: indulgy.com

Ps.  I do feel posting photos that have been collected elsewhere is cheating a bit for NaBloPoMo but I figured it was better than posting about the trials and tribulations of the clothes washer – which has occupied too much of my day today.