The Healing Power of Vulnerability

What follows are three extremely wonderful talks by Brené Brown, PhD.  I have listened to all three of these talks numerous times and there is still so much to get from them.

Brené Brown, PhD. studies shame, empathy, vulnerability, courage, joy and love & belonging. These talks are enlightening, and encouraging.  She takes on the subtle messages our culture gives us which turns what should be joy into “foreboding joy” – you know, those thoughts we have when we are just at the peak of feeling joy and we subplant it by the fear that something horrible is going to happen to take the joy away from us.  We try to beat disappointment to the punch by imagining something terrible.  Brené Browntells us how to get out of the prison we can unwittingly create. 

These videos have changed my life!  I am not joking. 

These talks are in the order Brené Brown gave them. This is also the order in which I would recommend you watch them. Each of them is around 20 minutes long.


The UP Experience – Brené Brown – More Honesty: Less “How To”

This second one was given at TEDx Houston. There is a visually cleaned up version that is posted on the site but it is very fuzzy at full screen. This one below is the much higher quality original footage.

‪TEDxKC – Brené Brown – The Power of Vulnerability‬

This last video is from TEDx KC.

TEDxKC – Brené Brown – The Price of Invulnerability‬

I look forward to hearing what people think about these videos.