This is a list of resources that I have been pulling together for my own use. Since I wanted to easily be able to get back to the sites, I figured putting this information on my site was a good idea. Plus it makes it available to anyone doing a similar search.

How to find chords from a recording

Chordify is a site to “Extract high quality chords from any song to practice and play.” On the song I tried it missed some of the chords but got most of them. I have found it very useful.

Lyrics and Tablature: General & Broad Genre Folk

Maritime Songs


Library of Congress

Every time I go to the Library of Congress site I get lost in listening to old songs and reading about the collecting of them. I highly recommend crawling around that website! Here are a few links to get you started:


  • Ron’s Folk Chords has guitar chords and lyrics in Tab style of [quote] “songs from today’s top folksingers”.

This is not a complete list. Please leave a note in the comments section of other resources you find and we will update the list. Thank you!