iPAD TIP: How to make a Hyperlink on an iPad!!

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Want to create a link that opens when a reader clicks on some specific words? Creating a “Display As” hyperlink?

The best way I have been able to discover is to use the Pages App. The process is probably similar with any other writing app for the iPad.

  1. Open a Pages Document.
  2. Paste in the long hyperlink.
  3. Immediately after the hyperlink either hit space or enter. (That creates the Hyperlink.)
  4. Now tap the hyperlink ONCE and it will open options that say “Open, Copy, or Link Settings”. Click on Link Settings.
  5. Triple click on the hyperlink to the right of the word Display. (That will highlight the whole hyperlink.)
  6. Now type in the words you want your link to say.
  7. Copy and paste your new link to wherever you need it.
  8. If you are pasting it into Mail it is best to make sure you have the link in the same font size as you use for your emails.

Here are screen shots showing the steps too.

photo 1

Screen Shot 2

photo 2

Final Screen Shot

photo 4

Featured image is by http://www.flickr.com/photos/henriksent/67746